Dr. Doan Hong Quang
16:12:46 03/12/2016

Dr. Doan Hong Quang is a competent economic researcher. With his tertiary education, obtained in different countries, such as Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Dresden University of Technology, Germany; Master of Economics of Development and Ph.D. in Economics from Australian National University, Dr. Doan can bring multi-faceted insights into research of economic development issues in Vietnam. His specialized research fields include Trade Liberalization and Economic Growth; Institutions and Economic Performance; Economic Reform in Transitional economies; Relationship between unionization and trade liberalization; Environmental Impact of Economic Policies and other issues related to Sustainable Development. Dr. Doan was granted various awards for his excellent achievement in academic work, such as the Helen Hughes Prize for Academic Excellence in 1994 and 1995; “Chris Higgins Prize” by Access Economics Pty. Ltd. in 1995 for his case study: ” Determinants of the money demand in Australia”. He is also a competent trainer with his lecturing experience for the courses of Trade Policy, Economic Model and Introductory Econometrics, Microeconomic Theory A, and Mathematical Techniques in Economics at the National Centre for Development Studies (NCDS) of the prestigious Australian National University, Australia.

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